A poultry trader in Fayoum kills his wife and his sister-in-law for suspicious of their behavior


A poultry trader in Fayoum governorate killed his wife and sister-in-law, today, Saturday, in the village of Jarfs, affiliated to Senoures, because he suspected their behavior.

The director of Fayoum security, he received a notification from the Sheriff of Senoures Police Department that two people had been found dead inside a house in a village.

The investigations led by Colonel Sherif Abdel Azim, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch for the East Fayoum Sector, revealed that the victim’s husband, a poultry dealer, left his house in the morning heading to the market, and discovered that he had forgotten the key to his shop at home, so he returned to bring it, and was surprised by the presence of his wife of 24 years. And his sister's husband, and doubted their behavior.

Investigations added that the accused went to the kitchen and brought a knife and stabbed them several times and did not leave them until they died.

The accused was arrested, a report was released about the incident, and the Public Prosecution office, which conducted the investigation, was notified.