Life imprisonment for a fugitive for possession of firearms without a license in Sohag


Today, Tuesday, the Sohag Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Hamdi Abdel Aziz Mohamed, and the membership of advisers Ahmed Jalal Saad, Hani Sobhi Dhaha, the secretariat of Taha Hussein, and Maged Amin, sentenced a person to life imprisonment for the charges attributed to him and obligated him to pay criminal expenses and ordered the confiscation of the seizures, for possession of weapons. Unlicensed motorbikes, in the center of Saqalta.

The events of the incident date back to May of this year, when the Public Prosecution directed A. A fugitive, charged with possessing an unlicensed "automatic rifle", and shots fired, used with the same firearm, with his use of force against Captain A. A and the force accompanying him to prevent him from performing one of his duties, and the case was referred to the Criminal Court, which issued its aforementioned ruling.