The former head of the Bahraini Journalists Syndicate: We were not affected by the disruption of social media, and professional journalistic work is still at the top

Journalist and writer Ahdiya Al-Sayed, former president of the Bahraini Journalists Association, said that during the period of social media outage, we realized the importance of these means in getting acquainted with world affairs and the opinions of others, on various issues at all levels, adding: “But even if these means are absent for one reason or another. I personally realized that human principles, positions and convictions are fixed and do not change because of what is published in the means of communication.

Ahdeya Al-Sayed added in her statements that, on the contrary, the public returned to searching for news from traditional news broadcasts, especially news agencies, through these news sites, noting that there were alternatives to communicate with friends and family abroad through other programmes.