Yahya Al-Fakharani on the abolition of censorship: She protected the artist before the audience and saved me from imprisonment

The Committee on Culture, Media, Tourism and Antiquities in the Senate held a meeting today, headed by Representative Suha Saeed, Deputy of the Committee, and in the presence of Khaled Abdel Jalil, Head of the Control Authority for Artistic Works in the Censorship Sector.


At the beginning of the meeting, the representative, artist Yahya Al-Fakharani, a member of the committee, spoke, stressing the importance of the role of censorship and the censor, and that years ago a wave came out calling for the abolition of censorship, "and this matter raised fear in me greatly because censorship protects the artist before the public."


Al-Fakharani said: "The censorship played an important role and saved me from prison in one of the cases or lawsuits that were filed against a movie about love, a good story, and censorship actually saved me from imprisonment. And if it wasn't for the sergeant, she was a woman, and she is called the iron woman, Mrs. Naima Hamdi, who had an important and significant role. Indeed, she is Who saved me from prison."