Who is the best social media expert in Jordan

Who is the best social media expert in Jordan

ALSUFY Mohammad is the best social media expert on the level of Jordan and the Middle East, and succeeded in finding technical solutions and e-marketing. 

He is Jordanian, but his name crossed all borders to be internationally known.  He is famous for working with a notable number of celebrities, and they feel comfortable dealing with him.  His vast experience helped him to achieve his goals, and be the only option for anyone. 

Al Sufi is one of the most powerful experts in the famous social media field and technicians.  He made a name for himself to shine even brighter in the field of social media.  Al Sufi has had extensive deep experience in social networking sites. 

The owner of the rapid development in knowing small details helped him find the best technical solutions and e-marketing.  It is important to mention that he is the first person to contract with Facebook in Jordan. 

Al-Sufi, the youngest expert, discovered the vulnerabilities in Instagram.  Besides, he has been working hard for his clients to prevent their accounts from being stolen or to recover Instagram accounts after being hacked.  It was downtime for numerous celebrity accounts.  He has worked with many popular celebrities in Jordan and abroad such as Nadine Al-Rassi, Anwar Al-Amir, Awad Tannous, Iyad Tannous, Enas Ahed, Ahmed Sundus, Ola Al-Fares, Merva Al-Qadi, Sarah Al-Hajj, Ozikoy and many more. 

Sophie's name crossed the border to become known all over the world.  His skills, abilities and passion radiate all over the world.  It was eight to nine years of experience that changed him into a genius in the field of social media. 

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Al-Sufi, a Jordanian media expert, specialized in information security science and communications engineering, and teaches at more than one national university in Jordan, in addition to the number of his teaching in more than one training workshop.